The Vision

Known is vision for the next 2 years of Soul Church in beautiful San Diego, California. This vision is to help fund the vitality and sustainability of Soul Church for the 2017/2018. Known is not your traditional capital campaign to primarily raise money for the purchase of a building. It is a VISION campaign that paints the picture of our heart for the city and it’s people. Soul Church is called to help people in our city belong and believe. We believe that God has given us this vision and would pray you will partner with us to fulfill this God-given plan.

This campaign is fourfold:
Heart for the Future
Heart for the City
Heart for the House
Heart for the Young



OUR NEED $500,000

How To Engage

It is truly humbling and amazing that God has planted a thriving church in the city of San Diego. In September of 2015, Soul Church opened their doors and now, one yea later, Soul Church has seen tremendous growth with multiple worship gatherings and many committing their lives to Christ..
Soul Church has been privileged to serve the city in many outreaches and are partnering with the community through local efforts (adopt-a-school, laundry love).
After celebrating our one year mark, we look forward to what God has on the horizon for the future of San Diego and the fulfillment of Soul Church’s vision. We believe God is leading the our community to KNOW and BE KNOWN in the city. In a city marked by diversity and cultural differences we believe this campaign will assist in us fulfilling these four areas. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to partner with us. You can simply pray, give, or share our story and vision. Below you will read the vision for our Known campaign. We pray you will consider the opportunity to partner with us as we love our city through the love of Jesus.


  • We fully believe that our best days are to come. Soul Church began on a side patio of the Wymore’s 1000 sq. ft. home. Moved to a church on Sunday evenings, and are now meeting in a elementary school on Sunday mornings at 9am &11am. While the church has seen substantial growth, God has provided the right building at the right time in each season of the church.
  • Over the next 2 years, Soul Church would like to acquire property for the use of offices, rehearsals, music studio, video production, intern classes, weekly training, team meetings, and to launch a second campus on Sunday evenings. We will continue our services in Downtown San Diego at our City Campus, while prayerfully looking for a second location.


  • Soul Church is a place for people in our city to belong to each other. We believe our Sunday gatherings are one of the easiest and most important ways to finding and building your community.
  • Someone’s excuse for not attending church should never be a lack of transportation. We will buy two Sprinter Vans that will pick up and drop off college students in our area as well as those at our local rescue mission.


  • The Known campaign is all about people. People matter at Soul Church. We understand that each person has value and that every individual is a gift from God. The heart for the house is our desire to build a team that will serve the church. We would like to add personnel to accomplish this vision. Soul Church teams are broken into four very specific roles.
  • Community (all things connecting)
    Creative (all things innovating)
    Catalyst (all things moving)
    Clarity (all things working)

    Our goal is to bring each role on as full-time personnel by the end of our campaign.


  • SOUL Creative College is a program for young adults through Soul Church San Diego. The program is partnered with Southeastern University allowing students to enroll in accredited college education.

Our desire is to train and equip the future leaders of the world. Our aim is that The Creative College students leave our program competent, educated, and capable, giving them a strong foundation for the rest of their lives.

  • Students also get the opportunity to serve in local mission opportunities throughout the city as well as participate in an international missions trip once a year. 

    In addition to a private university education, The Internship will assist in developing a fundamental understanding of biblical principles as well as hands-on experience in the local church and community. We believe that the well roundedness of our program gives students the best opportunity to be successful in all areas of their life going forward.


Thank you for your willingness to join in with us and believe the big dream that God has given to our church. Together we will change our city and make a nationwide impact. We can’t do this alone, we need you!
Pastor's Marc and Bethany Wymore