Reaching the Soul of a City

This past August, our family moved to beautiful San Diego, CA to start a church called SOUL CHURCH.  Never did we think or imagine that God would give us the opportunity to live in such an amazing and diverse city.  The beaches are incredible and the lifestyle of San Diego is rich in entertainment.  San Diego is called “America’s finest city.”  Every week we have chosen a different part of the city to prayer walk and ask God to show us how to love, live, and learn the people who call this place home.  Our eyes are being opened to the large needs that exist here.     


When you come to Soul Church, we will be about 4 things:

S- Serve The City

O- Offer Our Worship

U- Understand the Bible

L- Live His Purpose


Serve The City

God has given us ears to hear.  We are listening to the needs of the city.  We are asking the city and its leaders where and how we can serve.  Jesus said He didn’t come to be served (which we all like) but He came to SERVE and lay down His life as a ransom (Mark 10:45).  Serving a city takes great humility and strategy.  We believe that San Diego will be a place that is restored and redeemed by God’s great grace.  We count it a privilege and honor to live in this city.


Offer Our Worship

Our goal is to GIVE not GET.  Soul Church will look for every way to tell God how grateful we are for who God is and look for every way to tell the world about His great love.  When we join together for Soul Gatherings, we will worship. When we are at our jobs, schools, or at home, we will worship.  Worship is not what we do but WHO we are.  We believe we were created to give all that we are, the good, bad, and ugly to all that He truly is.  Our goal is not perfection.  Our goal is surrender, which will lead to transformation.


Understand the Bible

The bible says it useful for many things.  It is a light, teacher, encourager, anchor, and truth.  We will teach Scripture in a clear, concise, and compelling way.  It has eternal answers for today’s tough questions.  We will not just read scripture but will let scripture read us.  Truth can be such an abstract yet unsettled topic in culture today.  We will give our best effort to teach the bible and see how truth can be practically lived out.


Live His Purpose

People are valued at Soul Church.  You will not be valued for what you do or have done.  You are valued for who you ARE.  We believe God has a purpose for every person.  Not just “a” purpose but “His” purpose.  We want to help people find God, understand why they exist here on earth, and start living out His plan and purposes.  Our heart is to be a community of people who are all living “ON” mission for God’s glory.

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