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We appreciate your application to Soul Creative College Housing. The information you entered will NOT be saved until you submit the form. Please allow up to 20 minutes to complete this application. Applications will not be considered until non-refundable security deposit is complete.

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    It is expected that students of Soul Creative College live in a way that portrays mature Christian behavior both in and out of the classroom. Each student is expected to live by biblical standards and abstain from; drunkenness, theft, slander, the use of illegal drugs and marijuana, sexual immorality or any other behavior that is considered detrimental to Christ-like character. Students are expected to have respectful consideration for other members of the student body and their property. Students are expected to avoid attitudes and behavior that disrupts the unity and health of Soul Church. Students must attend all classes, tracks and activities required by Soul Creative College, unless formally excused. Students must refrain from dishonest academic practices, including plagiarism of any kind. All students that are not in a relationship previous to starting Soul Creative College are asked to refrain from dating for a period of one semester after beginning the program.
    I understand that I am signing a commitment to follow the above Code of Conduct, as well as all guidelines in the Student Handbook. I certify that the information provided in this application form is true and factual to the best of my knowledge. Should evidence prove otherwise my application will be subject to review by College staff. This review could result in a withdrawal of my acceptance.

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