5 Things the City is Teaching Me

Many church planters will enter a city ready to gather and change the people that have been there much longer than them and see no reason to change.  We have moved into the city to learn it, to live in it, and ask God to give us a compassion that will help us love it.  This month, thousands of young people have flooded San Diego to learn and study as part of their education.  My wife and I are here to be students as well.  We are here to learn the culture, the interests, the patterns, the quirks, and most importantly, the FOOD.


After two months of living in San Diego, here are a few things I have learned.


  1. Mexican Food Is King

You don’t live this close to the border and not have the most incredible Mexican food.  From burritos stuffed with fries to fish tacos, it’s ALL GOOD.  Not sure I can ever eat Taco Bell again.  Just saying.


  1. It’s where the hood meets the good.

From homeless to hipsters, the streets are filled with diversity and character.  I love that San Diego power washes their sidewalks and has street entertainers performing on them.


  1.  When I trust you, is when I’ll listen to you

Like any urban setting, San Diego is a city of great need.  In order for us to be heard, we must go slow and get to know.  We must have parties to really get to know people.  Somewhere we have learned that to build a church we must love people.  I think if we really love people, the church will be built.


  1.  Chargers need prayer, Padres need more.



  1. Better know the what and why

Last week, a young business owner introduced himself and asked me where I was from.  I responded and told him that my family and I had just moved from north of Los Angeles.  With a scowl on his face he asked me two questions that have kept me awake at night.  “Why did you move HERE and WHY the **** do you think we want you?”  I graciously said we are here to love the people in this city.  The gospel is not going to be preached without push back.  This conversation will forever be in the forefront of my mind.   The WHY?  To help people far from God, belong and believe.  The WHAT?  Serve the city; offer our worship; understand the Bible; live His purpose.


My prayer is to be life long learner.  My prayer today is Psalm 86:11, “Teach me Your ways, that I may walk in them.”

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